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t slot aluminum extrusion
Aluminum extruded T-slot
t slot aluminium

10 series T-slot profile

aluminium t slot

20 series T-slot profile

aluminum t slot

30 series T-slot profile

aluminum extrusion t slot

40 series T-slot profile

aluminum t slot extrusions

50 series T-slot profile

aluminum t slot extrusion

60 series T-slot profile

t slot aluminum extrusions

70 series T-slot profile

t slot extrusion aluminum

80 series T-slot profile

t slot aluminum extrusions

90 series T-slot profile

t slotted aluminum extrusion

T-slot accessories

Xingda: Your trustworthy T-slot aluminum profile manufacturer

Xingda T-slot aluminum profile is a high-quality aluminum alloy product commonly used in various industrial and construction applications. Its cross-section is in the shape of a “T”, with a crossbeam at the top and two vertical sides, giving it excellent load-bearing capacity and connection performance.

Product name:Assembly line aluminum profiles
Material:6061-T6/6063-T5 aluminum alloy
Surface:anodizing, sandblasting, powder coating, etc.
Color:silver, black, customized
Applications:workshop fences, robot fences, shelves, production lines and assembly lines, logistics and warehousing lines, packaging lines, manufacturing equipment racks, automated production, testing and inspection equipment
Deep processing:cutting, welding, drilling, bending, surface treatment, stamping
Delivery time:14-25 days after payment
Packaging:EP film, crates, wooden pallets, plywood boxes, etc. We can package according to customer requirements.
Color:Natural silver anodized, can be customized
 One-stop Service Custom Design, Fabrication, Assembly And Delivery
 QC 100% strict inspection of every process
Brand Xingda
Features Sturdy, stylish, durable and corrosion-resistant.
New mold about 7-10 days to open a new mold
aluminum t slot framing

Xingda’s advanced processing technology ensures the dimensional accuracy and surface finish of T-slot aluminum profiles. The T-shaped structure has excellent load-bearing capacity and can be used in various situations where heavy objects need to be supported.

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Xingda can custom your Aluminum Extrusions , Also can design your own Products, Even If idea ONLY.

The T-slot aluminum profile supplier you are looking for

Xingda Aluminum can provide you with T-slot aluminum profiles in a variety of lengths, widths, and heights to meet different needs. We can design and produce T-slot aluminum profiles that meet your specific requirements.

aluminum extrusion profile

Xingda T-slot aluminum profiles have excellent load-bearing capacity due to their T-shaped structure and can be used in various situations where heavy objects need to be supported.T-slot aluminum profiles are designed so that they can be easily connected to form a stable structure without the need for welding.

t slot aluminum
t slot extrusions

Xingda T-slot aluminum profiles can be anodized, spray-coated and other surface treatments according to your needs to improve the corrosion resistance and aesthetics of the product.

t slot aluminium extrusion

As a high-quality, multi-functional building materials product, Xingda T-slot aluminum profiles have a wide range of application prospects and can provide reliable support and solutions for various industrial and construction projects.

T-slot aluminum profile accessories

Accessories for T-Slot Aluminum Profiles are attachments and components for use with T-Slot Aluminum Profiles, they help build a variety of structures and projects and enhance the flexibility and versatility of T-Slot Aluminum Profiles. The following are some common T-slot aluminum profile accessories and their functions:

• Corner pieces:Corner fittings are one of the most commonly used accessories in T-slot aluminum profiles. They slide into T-slot aluminum profiles and are held in place by tightening bolts or nuts. This way you can easily connect other profiles, accessories or elements to build a frame or structure.

• Bolts and nuts:Bolts and nuts are often used together with angle pieces to secure different parts in a structure. They allow you to adjust the size, shape and position of the structure.

• Gasket:Spacers are often placed between bolts and nuts to spread pressure, provide a better connection and reduce wear.

• slider:Sliders are removable accessories that slide in T-slot aluminum profiles to support, guide or suspend other components. Sliders are commonly used in the manufacture of sliding doors, slide rail systems, etc.

• Supporting feet:The support feet are installed under the T-slot aluminum to support the entire structure. They can be used to create a stable work surface, shelf or stand.

• Connection plate:Connecting plates are used to connect two T-slot aluminum profiles together, usually on both sides of the T-slot aluminum profile, to increase the stability of the structure.

• jacket:The sheath is a plastic or rubber sleeve used to protect the inside of the T-slot aluminum profile to prevent dust, dirt or other impurities from entering the channel.

• Limiting and positioning elements:These elements are used to ensure the accurate positioning and positioning of attachments or components to ensure the accuracy and stability of the structure.

The function of T-slot aluminum profile accessories is to make T-slot aluminum profiles more flexible and adaptable to various applications. They allow you to easily build, adapt and modify structures without welding or cutting aluminum, saving time and money. These accessories make T-slot aluminum profiles a versatile building material that can be used for projects in a variety of industries

Application of T-slot aluminum profiles

When we talk about assembly line profiles, we are actually talking about a basic material that plays a key role in industrial production. These profiles are usually made from high-strength materials, such as aluminum alloys, so they are lightweight yet strong and durable.

The applications of assembly line profiles are very wide, let’s look at some of the main areas:

• Machine made:
T-slot aluminum plays a very important role in the field of machinery manufacturing. They are often used to build mechanical structures, workbenches, conveyor lines, etc. This is because T-slot aluminum has high strength and rigidity while being relatively lightweight, making them an ideal choice for manufacturing.

• automated industry:
In the field of industrial automation, T-slot aluminum has been widely used. They are often used to build the structural framework of automated production lines and robotic workstations. Their robust properties make them ideal for mounting sensors, actuators and other automation equipment.

• Mold making:
T-slot aluminum also plays an important role in the field of mold manufacturing. They are used to make various types of jigs and molds because they can be assembled and adjusted quickly while also providing high rigidity and stability.

• Display exhibitions:
In the field of displays and exhibitions, T-slot aluminum also plays a key role. They can be used to build booths, exhibition stands and other display devices. Their ease of erection and disassembly makes them a popular choice in the exhibition industry.

• Workbenches and workstations:
Many workbenches and workstations are also manufactured from T-slot aluminum. Such as assembly workbench, inspection workbench, etc. Due to its modular nature, it can be easily customized and adapted to suit different job requirements.

T-slot aluminum is widely used in various fields such as machinery manufacturing, industrial automation, mold manufacturing, display exhibitions, workbenches and workstations due to its modularity, lightness and high strength. They provide an efficient and flexible solution for many industries.

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