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Aluminum extruded handles is a decorative and functional component for making doors, windows, furniture and other products. It is usually made of aluminum profiles through extrusion processing.

• Available in different sizes
• OEM and ODM available
• High quality and competitive price
• Made of high quality aluminum alloy

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Xingda cabinet aluminum extrusion handle is our common building aluminum decoration material. They are mainly used in cabinets and windows. They can play a good pulling role. There are many styles of aluminum doors handles on Xingda.

aluminum extruded handles

Xingda’s aluminum extruded handles and continuous pulls are made of aluminum anodized, powder coated and other surface treatments. The extruded aluminum handles can be applied vertically or horizontally. Xingda can provide custom sizes and can apply a variety of anodized finishes.

extruded aluminum handle

Xingda kitchen cabinet aluminum extruded handles, this series of products have simple design, natural and beautiful lines. The aluminum extruded handle have undergone fine processing and strict quality control procedures to ensure the quality of each product.

aluminum extruded handle

All processes such as molding, extrusion, cutting, drilling, punching, milling, polishing and packaging are completed by Xingda factory. So Xingda can control the quality and production time very well. Xingda’s kitchen profile handle are of good quality but at a great price. kitchen profile handle are customizable in size, color and design. Xingda specializes in kitchen cabinet handles, wardrobe handles, and door handles.

extruded aluminum handles

If our aluminum extruded handles drawing size is not suitable for you, you can provide us your samples or technical drawings or tell us your requirements, and we can extrusion according to your design. If you have drawings, please send them to us. We can produce according to your drawings. We support customization and will provide you with the best prices and services. Welcome to contact us!

Product nameAluminium Profile For Cabinet Handle
Grade6000 Series
Place of OriginGuangdong, China
Delivery Time15-30days
Alloy Or NotIs Alloy
Processing ServiceWelding, Punching, Cutting, CNC
Surface treatmentAnodized,Powder Coating, Polishing, Wood grain,Customized
Material6000 series Aluminium Alloy
ColorCustomized Color
UsageAluminium Furniture
LengthAs requested
Al (Min)99.7%
MOQSample minimum order quantity
kitchen profile handle

Xingda cabinet aluminum profile hidden handles is an exquisitely designed aluminum handle that is installed on the surface of the cabinet and can be hidden within the cabinet structure. This design contributes to the overall clean, modern look of the cabinet while also providing convenient opening and closing functionality. Aluminum profile hidden handles are usually integrated into cabinet door panels or drawer panels, making them inconspicuous and making the entire cabinet look neater.

handles on cabinet doors

Questions and answers about aluminum extruded handles

1. Reliable quality (ISO certification).
2. Good quality, low price
3. What you think, we make
4. Effective technical support and excellent sales service.
5. Sufficient production capacity (7 production lines).
6. Efficient communication (24 hours quotation lead time).

We can do powder coating in any color as long as you can provide a color sample. Our usual powder coating thickness is 60-80um.

Xingda has a variety of aluminum cabinet door handle styles. If you want to know more about the design of aluminum extrusion handles, please contact us for more information.

Xingda provides free aluminum extruded handles samples. Before placing a sample order, please confirm the details of the sample you want and provide your contact information and address.

Yes, Xingda has complete OEM service experience. Logo and packaging details on extruded aluminum handles, all of which will be confirmed before mass production.

1. Refund the extrusion die fee when the specified order quantity is reached
2. Provide free aluminum extruded handle samples
3. Accept test orders or small orders
4.24 hours contact service for you
5. Help purchase other commodities besides aluminum

What is an aluminum extruded handles?

Aluminum extruded handle is a decorative and functional component for making doors, windows, furniture and other products. It is usually made of aluminum profiles through extrusion processing. Aluminum extrusion is a processing method in which metal materials are pressed into a mold of a specific shape to produce the desired cross-section. In this process, aluminum profiles are extruded to form long shapes with complex cross-sections.

Aluminum extruded handles are often installed on furniture and building elements such as doors, windows, cabinet doors, etc. to facilitate opening or closing. These extruded aluminum handle not only serve a practical function but also serve as a decorative feature. Due to its lightweight, corrosion resistance and strength advantages, Extruded aluminum profiles have become one of the ideal materials for making various handles.

This type of extruded aluminum handles can vary greatly in design to suit different uses and decorating styles. The shape, surface treatment and installation method of the extruded aluminum handles can be customized according to needs.

What types of aluminum extruded handles are there?

There are mainly many types of aluminum extruded handle, and their designs and shapes can meet the needs of different uses and decorative styles. Here are some common types of extruded aluminum handle:

U-shaped handles: U-shaped handles are designed in a U shape and are suitable for various doors, drawers and cabinets.

T-shaped handle: T-shaped handle is shaped like the letter “T” and is usually used on Cabinet aluminum handle etc.

Bar Pull: This type of handle is usually in the shape of a long bar and is suitable for large doors, drawers or door panels.

Knob Pulls: Knob pulls are designed to resemble traditional doorknobs, sometimes with decorative elements, and are suitable for different styles of furniture.

Curved handle: The curved handle is designed in a curved shape, which can increase the decorative effect and is suitable for occasions where design is important.

Barrel handles: Barrel handles are usually cylindrical in shape and are suitable for a variety of doors and drawers.

Aluminum Hidden Handles: Recessed handles are often built into the surface of a door panel or drawer for a more minimalist look.

Modern style handles: Modern style handles usually have clean lines and geometric shapes and are suitable for modern style home decoration.

Classical style handles: Classical style handles are usually decorated with antiques, carvings or patterns, and are suitable for classical style furniture.

The above are just some common types of aluminum extruded handles. In fact, there are many other designs and styles of extruded aluminum handle to choose from. The specific choice depends on personal preferences, decoration style and usage environment.

Where are aluminum extruded handles used?

Aluminum extruded handles are widely used in different spaces and furniture due to their lightness, corrosion resistance, easy processing and diverse appearance options. Here are some common application areas:

Cabinets: aluminum extruded handles are often used on cabinets to provide a convenient handle for opening and closing cabinet doors. Its lightweight nature makes cabinet operation easier.

Wardrobe: On wardrobes, aluminum extruded handle are also used to facilitate the opening and closing of wardrobe doors. Its corrosion-resistant properties also make it more durable in humid environments.

Doors and windows: aluminum extruded handles are widely used in indoor and outdoor doors and windows, providing convenient opening and closing handles while adapting to different styles of decoration.

Furniture: Whether it is office furniture or home furniture, aluminum extruded handle can provide convenient opening methods for drawers, cabinets and other furniture.

Bathroom: Due to the good corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, aluminum profile handles are also commonly used in bathroom cabinets, shower rooms and other facilities.

Kitchen: aluminum extruded handles are also very common in kitchens and are used in the handle design of cabinets, drawers, etc.

Interior decoration: Aluminum profile handles can also be used as part of interior decoration, such as for the design of sliding doors, partitions, etc.

Office furniture: In the office environment, aluminum extruded handle are also commonly found in filing cabinets, desks and other furniture.

Commercial space: The modern feel and diversity of aluminum extruded handle make it also very popular in the design of commercial spaces, such as restaurants, shops and other places.

Special customization: Because aluminum profiles are easy to process, handles of different shapes and styles can be customized according to specific design needs, suitable for various creative and personalized spaces.

Overall, the versatility and diverse designs of aluminum extruded handle make them suitable for a variety of different occasions and furniture, providing convenient opening methods while adding a modern feel to the space.

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