Sliding window extruded aluminum profile

Sliding window extruded aluminum profile

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Xingda Sliding Window Extruded Aluminum Profile is a common window extruded aluminum profile that is commonly used in homes, commercial and industrial buildings. The reason why sliding window extruded aluminum profiles are popular is that sliding windows provide a convenient way to open and can achieve a large area of glass coverage, providing good lighting and ventilation effects.

Aluminium Sliding Window Profile

Sliding windows made of Xingda extruded aluminum profiles have good structural strength and stability and can ensure safe use.

Aluminium Profile For Sliding Window

Xingda sliding window extruded aluminum profiles have a series of advantages such as lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, flexible design, and heat insulation, making them an ideal sliding window material suitable for various construction projects.

Sliding window aluminum profile

Xingda sliding window extruded aluminum profiles have a long service life and are not easily affected by the external environment, so they can provide long-term protection and services for the building.

The extruded aluminum profiles for sliding windows manufactured by Xingda undergo strict quality control. Sliding windows made of extruded aluminum profiles have good structural strength and stability and can ensure safe use.


Aluminium Profile For Sliding Window

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Aluminium Sliding Window Profile

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ShapeSliding window extruded aluminum profile
Alloy Or NotIs Alloy
Brand NameXingda
ColorAs your demand
RangeAluminum Extrusions6063 6061 t5 t6 Not Scrap
Surface FinishMill finish,anodized, powder coated,electrophoresis,sand balsting,etc
ShapesSquare, rectangular, circular, flat, hollow, T-slot and custom design
Surface treatmentSurface treatment methods include anodizing, powder coating, electrophoresis, sandblasting, polishing, carbon fluoride coating, etc.
Aluminum Extrusions Profiles thicknessAbove 0.8mm
Delivery Time15-21 days
Deep processingcutting, drilling, punching, bending etc
ShippingShipping methods include sea freight, TNT, DHL, FedEx.
DiesBased on your drawings
UsageAluminum Extruded Profiles Extrusion Aluminum
Aluminium Sliding Profile for Window and Door

Xingda can provide you with engineering design services, including providing suitable extruded aluminum profile solutions for sliding windows based on the design drawings or needs you provide. At the same time, Xingda also provides relevant technical support to ensure that your design can be implemented smoothly.

Anodized Sliding Window Aluminum Profile

Xingda has advanced production equipment and processes for extruded aluminum profiles for sliding windows to ensure product quality and production efficiency. This may include extruders, dies, heat treatment equipment, etc.

Xingda can provide various surface treatment options for sliding window extruded aluminum profiles, such as anodizing, spraying, electrophoretic coating, etc., to enhance the corrosion resistance and aesthetics of sliding windows.

Questions about extruded aluminum profiles for sliding windows

1. Xingda have a strict quality control system.
2. Every process has high standards and requirements.
3. Xingda QC will not let any defective products leave our factory.
4.Xingda have many certificates

Our main markets are Asia, South America, Africa and Middle East countries, almost all over the world.

Yes, Xingda can send you samples according to your needs

Yes, Xingda know your market very well. We offer many sliding window extruded aluminum profile molds for each country series. We have many molds and are constantly developing new molds, so we don’t have
All our molds are listed in the catalog. It would be helpful for both of us if you could tell us which country design or what type of profile you are looking for
We can provide catalog as per your requirement which will be of great help to you.

Xingda can produce polishing, anodizing, powder spraying, electrophoresis, wood grain, polishing, sandblasting, brushing, PVDF coating color can be silver, black, gold,
Champagne, dark bronze or according to your color swatch.

How to choose suitable extruded aluminum profiles for sliding windows?

Choosing the right extruded aluminum profile for sliding windows requires consideration of several factors, including project needs, environmental conditions and quality requirements. Here are some suggestions:

Determine project needs

Size: Confirm the size and shape of the sliding window aluminum profile.

Design style: Consider the overall design style of the project, such as modern, classical, industrial style, etc., to select the corresponding extruded aluminum profiles for sliding windows.

Understand environmental conditions:Climatic conditions: If the project is located in a humid environment or high temperature area, it may be necessary to consider the corrosion resistance of the sliding window extruded aluminum profile and whether special surface treatment is required.

Thermal insulation requirements: If the sliding window needs to have good thermal insulation performance, you can choose extruded aluminum profiles with thermal insulation strips or using thermal bridge technology.

Consider quality and strength:Extruded aluminum alloy: Understand the alloy composition and strength grade of the selected extruded aluminum profile to ensure that it meets the quality requirements of the project.

Structural design: Consider the structural design of the sliding window frame to ensure it has sufficient strength and stability.

Surface treatment:Painting or anodizing: Choose the appropriate surface treatment based on the needs of the project to improve the corrosion resistance and aesthetics of extruded aluminum profiles.

Understand supplier reputation:Xingda is a reputable and experienced extruded aluminum profile manufacturer or supplier that can be evaluated by referring to customer reviews and understanding its history and experience.

Price and Budget:Depending on the project budget, select extruded aluminum profiles that fit within your budget while being careful not to sacrifice quality. Xingda can provide you with high-quality extruded aluminum profiles for sliding windows at the right price.

Sliding Window Aluminum Profile from China Manufacturer

Can broken bridge aluminum profiles be used in sliding windows?

Yes, Xingda broken bridge aluminum profiles can be used on sliding windows. The broken bridge aluminum profile is a special design, consisting of a layer of heat-insulating broken bridge strips sandwiched between two layers of aluminum alloy. This design effectively isolates indoor and outdoor heat conduction and improves the thermal insulation performance of the window.

Sliding windows are a common window type whose window frame structure is suitable for installing broken bridge aluminum profiles. Applying broken bridge aluminum profiles to sliding windows can effectively improve the thermal insulation performance of the windows, reduce the exchange of indoor and outdoor heat, thereby improving indoor comfort and saving energy.

Therefore, the application of broken bridge aluminum profiles in sliding windows is a common and effective practice, especially suitable for occasions with high requirements on the thermal insulation performance of windows.

sliding door profiles aluminum

The difference between ordinary sliding windows and broken bridge sliding windows?

The difference between ordinary sliding windows and broken bridge sliding windows:

Ordinary sliding windows and broken bridge sliding windows are two types of windows with different materials and structures. They have some significant differences in thermal insulation performance, sealing, corrosion resistance, service life, etc.:

Thermal insulation performance:

 • Ordinary sliding windows: usually made of a single layer of aluminum alloy or other materials, without heat insulation design, average heat insulation performance, and easy to conduct heat.

 • Broken bridge sliding window: The design of double-layer aluminum alloy or other materials sandwiched with thermally insulated bridge strips effectively isolates the heat conduction indoors and outdoors and has excellent thermal insulation performance.


 • Ordinary sliding windows: The sealing performance of ordinary sliding windows may be relatively weak, and they are prone to problems such as poor air tightness and insufficient water tightness.

 • Broken bridge sliding window: Designed with a special sealing structure, it has good air tightness and water tightness, which can reduce the exchange of indoor and outdoor air.

Corrosion resistance:

 • Regular sliding windows: Depending on the material, they may be more sensitive to corrosion, especially in humid environments.

 • Broken bridge sliding windows: Because aluminum alloy materials with strong corrosion resistance are usually used, and heat insulation strips are added to the broken bridge design, they have strong resistance to corrosion.

Service life:

 • Due to the material and structural design of broken bridge sliding windows, they generally have a longer service life.

 • The service life of ordinary sliding windows is affected by materials and production processes, and generally speaking, it may be relatively short.


 • Generally speaking, the price of a broken bridge sliding window is slightly higher than that of an ordinary sliding window because it has higher requirements in terms of materials and production.

Overall, if you care about the insulation performance and longevity of your windows, and are willing to pay some extra cost, then bridge-break sliding windows may be a better choice. If your requirements for windows are relatively simple, or your budget is limited, ordinary sliding windows are also a good option.

aluminum profile sliding door

What are the components of a sliding window?

Window frame extruded aluminum profiles:The window frame is the main structure of the sliding window and is usually made of extruded aluminum profiles. The shape and size of the window frame will vary depending on the design needs and the size of the window, and can be right-angled, rounded, or other specific shapes.

Mobile fan extruded aluminum profile:The moving part of a sliding window, often called the sliding sash, is the part that slides and opens within the window frame. Mobile fans are usually made from extruded aluminum profiles that are shaped and sized to match the window frame.

Pulleys and Tracks:The pulleys of sliding windows are usually installed on the movable sash, and cooperate with the tracks on the window frame to make the opening and closing of the window smoother.

Sealing strip:Weatherstripping is usually installed between the window frame and the movable sash and plays an important role in keeping the window sealed. This means that windows can prevent the intrusion of wind, rain and dust from the outside and maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Handle/Tab:Sliding windows usually require manual operation, which requires the presence of a pull handle or tab. They are mounted on the movable fan and provide convenient opening and closing operations.

Locks:Safety is always a priority, so we have locks. Its function is to lock the windows and ensure indoor safety. Usually installed on a movable fan or window frame.

Insulation strip:Insulating strips are thermal protection for sliding windows. By being installed inside the window frame, it can effectively reduce energy loss and improve the thermal insulation performance of the window.

Other accessories:Finally, depending on the specific design and functional requirements, there may be some other aluminum profile parts, such as supports, connectors, etc., to ensure the stability and functionality of the entire window.

These aluminum extrusion components vary depending on specific window design and manufacturing requirements. When assembling sliding windows, it is usually necessary to ensure the matching and interoperability of various components to ensure the normal operation and safety of the window.

Sliding Door Profile
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