Custom extruded aluminum profiles

Xingda: Your trusted custom extruded aluminum profile manufacturer

Meet specific needs

Extruded aluminum profiles can be manufactured according to your specific needs, including shape, size, material and surface treatment, etc.

Design flexibility

Able to assist you in designing aluminum profiles that meet the needs of your project, provide design advice and conduct custom development.

Fast delivery

With 20 extrusion production lines, we can respond to your needs more quickly and provide fast delivery and customized solutions.

Quality control

Through strict quality control of the production process, we ensure that products comply with relevant standards and customer quality requirements.

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Your professional extruded aluminum profile manufacturer

Xingda Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd. is an aluminum extrusion company specializing in the production of various aluminum profile systems for 30 years. Has many years of experience in exporting extruded aluminum profiles to various countries in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, etc.

Custom extruded aluminum profiles

Xingda Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd. is an aluminum extrusion company specializing in the production of various aluminum profile systems for 30 years. Has many years of experience in exporting extruded aluminum profiles to various countries in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, etc.

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Aluminum Profile Manufacturer

Xingda can produce extruded aluminum profile systems according to your needs and provide high-quality products and competitive prices. Provide one-stop service (from design to delivery) and provide OEM services to customers.

Aluminum Extruded Profile

Xingda Aluminum has 20,000 extruded aluminum profile molds, and we can provide you with the aluminum profile catalog you need.

Aluminum profile mold

Let’s Support Your Bussiness and Reduce Cost For You

Xingda can custom your Aluminum Extrusions , Also can design your own Products, Even If idea ONLY.

Xingda: Your high-quality extruded aluminum profile manufacturer

Xingda can customize the shape and size of your extruded aluminum profiles through cutting, drilling, welding and other processes to meet the needs of different projects.

Frequently Asked Questions about Customized Extruded Aluminum Profiles

1. What is customized extruded aluminum profile?

When we talk about custom extruded aluminum profiles, we are actually talking about a highly customized aluminum profile product manufacturing process. Aluminum extrusion is a common metal processing technology that allows us to create extruded aluminum profiles in a variety of shapes and sizes based on our customers’ specific needs and specifications.


Aluminum profiles can be extruded according to the different states of the metal in the barrel, according to the stress and strain state of the metal in the extrusion barrel, the metal flow direction, the lubrication state, the extrusion temperature,the extrusion speed, the structural form of the equipment, and the type of tools Or the structure and shape According to the shape or quantity of the blank, the shape or quantity of the aluminum profile, etc., the extrusion forming method can be divided into the following methods;

2. Process of customizing extruded aluminum profiles

Custom extruded aluminum profiles are a highly flexible method of manufacturing aluminum products that can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes based on the customer’s specific needs.

• Customer needs analysis: Everything starts with your needs. You may need a specific shape, size or length of extruded aluminum to suit the needs of your project or product. You may also have special requirements such as material type, strength standards, surface treatment or other characteristics.

• Design: Once Xingda understands your needs, our design team will begin creating design drawings for custom extruded aluminum profiles. These drawings will determine how the final product will look and perform. Designers will consider how best to extrude the aluminum material into the desired shape to meet your specifications.

• Material selection: The next step is to select the appropriate aluminum alloy material. Different alloys have different properties, including strength, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. The alloy selected must meet your performance requirements.

• Extrusion processing: This is a critical step in the entire process. The selected aluminum alloy block is heated to the appropriate temperature and then extruded into the desired shape through the die of the extruder. The extruder applies high pressure to squeeze the aluminum material through the die into the desired cross-sectional shape. This process usually requires very high process technology to ensure the quality and precision of extruded aluminum profiles.

• Cutting and Cooling: Once the aluminum extrusion is complete, the profile is cut to the required length and solidified during cooling to maintain its shape.

• Quality Control: Throughout the entire production process, quality control is crucial. We inspect and test extruded aluminum profiles to ensure they meet your specifications and standards.

• Surface treatment: Depending on your requirements, Xingda may require additional surface treatment on the profile, such as anodizing, coating or painting, to enhance its appearance or corrosion resistance.

• Delivery: Finally, Xingda delivers the custom extruded aluminum profiles to you for use in your projects or products.

3. Which extruded aluminum profiles can Xingda customize?

Xingda extruded aluminum profiles can be customized into various cross-sectional shapes, including round, square, rectangular, oval, hexagonal, T-shaped, H-shaped, angle steel, special-shaped, etc. You can choose the appropriate extruded aluminum profile based on its specific use and design needs.

4. What issues need to be considered when customizing extruded aluminum profiles?

When customizing extruded aluminum profiles, you may come across some pertinent questions that can help you determine which aluminum profile is best for your project. Here are some frequently asked questions:

• Extruded aluminum profile shapes and sizes

First, let’s look at the shapes and sizes of extruded aluminum profiles.

What kind of extruded aluminum profile shape do you need for your project, such as round, square, rectangular, T-shaped, H-shaped or other shapes?
What should be the length, width and thickness of an extruded aluminum profile?
Material and alloy selection

• Extruded aluminum profiles can be manufactured using different grades and alloys of aluminum.

Do you need a specific aluminum alloy to meet your project’s performance requirements?
Does the alloy have the hardness, strength and corrosion resistance you need? Surface treatment

• Consider the surface treatment of extruded aluminum profiles, which is very important to protect and beautify the aluminum profiles.

Is anodizing, painting, powder coating or other surface treatment required?
Does the surface treatment need to meet specific industry standards or environmental requirements?
Cutting and processing needs

• Does your project require cutting, machining or drilling holes in extruded aluminum profiles?

What is the location, size and shape of cuts and processes?
Do these processing steps require specific precision or process requirements?
Application and performance requirements

• Consider the end use of the extruded aluminum profile and the performance requirements associated with it.

What applications or industries will extruded aluminum profiles be used for?
Are specific strength, weight, thermal conductivity or other performance characteristics required?
Quantity and delivery time

• Finally, consider the quantity of extruded aluminum profiles you need and the delivery time.

How much custom extruded aluminum profile do you need?
Is there a specific delivery schedule or urgent delivery needs?

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