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Aluminum profile for doors and windows

Xingda LED aluminum profile is a special extruded aluminum profile used for heat dissipation and installation of LED lighting fixtures. 


• There are more than 2000 aluminum door and window system molds
• In-house design and R&D team with extensive experience
• Support aluminum profile mold opening and surface treatment
•31 years of experience in exporting extruded aluminum profiles

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The LED aluminum profile manufacturer you need

Most of the time, 6063-T5 aluminum alloy is chosen as the preferred material for LED aluminum profiles.Of course, the specific material selection will also be affected by other factors, such as cost, design requirements, etc.

led profile aluminium

The surface treatment of door and window aluminum profiles can improve its surface texture and improve the ability of anti-oxidation,corrosion resistance and wear resistance

Product name:LED aluminum profile
Grade:6000 series
Material:6063 T5 aluminum alloy
Body color:silver
Cover color:PMMA, frosted, transparent, black
Standard packaging:inner transparent PE bag + EPE foam + carton
Custom packaging:available upon request
Processing time:Samples within 3 working days
Bulk order:In stock in 3-15 working days
Transportation:sea transportation, air transportation, express delivery are available
Surface treatment:sandblasting and oxidation
Processing services:bending, cutting
Accessories:PC cover + end cap + clip
led aluminium strip

Xingda LED aluminum profiles are made by extrusion process. This means that the aluminum billet is pushed through a special mold to form the profile with a specific cross-section and shape. This manufacturing method is both efficient and controllable, allowing LED aluminum profiles to meet various design needs.

led aluminium channel

The designs of Xingda LED aluminum profiles are very diverse. They can present various cross-sectional shapes such as U-shaped, V-shaped, square, round, etc.To meet the installation and heat dissipation needs of different LED lamps.

aluminium channel led

Xingda LED aluminum profiles are also very convenient in installation and assembly. In many ways we can Such as threaded connections, buckles, adhesives, etc., to fix various components of LED lamps, making the installation process more flexible and efficient.

In addition to providing LED aluminum profiles themselves, Xingda also provides some accessories and accessories, such as end caps, fixed brackets, mirror covers, etc.

LED aluminum profiles can be treated with anodizing, spraying, etc. to enhance the hardness and corrosion resistance of the surface of the aluminum profiles. It can also improve its appearance and texture, making LED lamps more visually attractive.

aluminium channel led

Let’s Support Your Bussiness and Reduce Cost For You

Xingda can custom your Aluminum Extrusions , Also can design your own Products, Even If idea ONLY.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about LED Aluminum Profiles

Yes, we provide 10CM-20CM/PC samples and free accessories

The minimum order quantity is 100M

Of course, we are factory direct sales, welcome to visit the factory

Payment can be made via bank transfer, Paypal, Western Union, etc.

There are always pre-production samples before mass production;
Always conduct final inspection before shipment;

A capable and experienced international sales team;
The LED aluminum profile business line has a rich supplier base;
A wide range of LED aluminum profile products and series can meet a variety of needs;
Systematic quality control and production management.
Xingda will provide you with the best prices and services!

Application of LED aluminum profiles in lighting industry

When we talk about the application of LED aluminum profiles in the lighting industry, we must first understand that this is a uniquely designed aluminum material.It provides an ideal platform for the installation of LED lamp beads. This platform not only protects LED lamp beads, but also effectively dissipates heat, which is crucial to the life and performance of LED lamps.

Lighting decoration:
First, let’s look at the application of LED aluminum profiles in lighting decoration. They can be widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration projects, such as ceilings, walls, floors, etc. Their design not only provides good heat dissipation, but also beautifies the lighting effect, making the entire space more comfortable and warm.

Linear lighting:
Secondly, LED aluminum profiles are also widely used in linear lighting. Since they are usually designed in strips or strips, they are ideal for installing linear lighting fixtures. This design provides uniform light distribution, allowing LED lighting to perform well in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.

outdoor lighting:
In terms of outdoor lighting, LED aluminum profiles also play an important role. They are often waterproof and dustproof, making them ideal for outdoor environments. Whether it is landscape lighting or open-air square lighting, LED aluminum profiles can ensure stable and long-lasting lighting effects.

Advertising light boxes:
LED aluminum profiles are also often used to make advertising light boxes. Its excellent uniform brightness makes advertising content clearly visible at any angle, which is crucial for attracting target audiences.

To sum up, LED aluminum profiles play an indispensable role in the lighting industry. They not only improve the performance of LED lamps, but also provide designers with rich creative space to meet the lighting requirements of different scenes and needs. Whether in business, home, medical or other fields, LED aluminum profiles have become a shining pearl in the lighting industry.

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