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China Folding door aluminum profile manufacturer

Folding door aluminum profiles refer to the aluminum alloy materials used to make folding door frames and other components. These extruded aluminum profiles are often specially machined and shaped to suit the design and functional requirements of the folding door.

Folding Door Aluminum Profile

Xingda is committed to the production and export of folding door aluminum profiles and has more than 31 years of export experience around the world. In particular, countries such as South Africa, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and South America export a large amount of products every year. If you want to import folding door aluminum profiles, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the best quotation.

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Aluminium Folding Door Aluminum Extruded Profile

Xingda’s extrusion process produces high-quality folding door aluminum profiles. The extrusion mold is carefully maintained to improve the smoothness of the surface of the folding door aluminum profiles.

Aluminum Extrusion Folding Door

Anodizing, powder coating, wood grain, electrophoresis and other post-processing methods give folding door aluminum profiles more color choices and better weather resistance.


BrandShengyu Xingda
NameFolding door extruded aluminum profile
MaterialAluminum alloy 6063/6061/ T5/T6
Surface treatmentanodized, powder coated, polished.
Lengthcustomized length
ColorRefer to the powder coating color card and customized colors are available
Deep processingCNC, drilling, milling, cutting, welding, bending, assembly
Accessoriesdoor closer/hinge/roller/handle/lock/screw/core blind rivet
Minimum order quantityCan be purchased as a set or by profile
GuaranteeSurface color is stable for 10 to 20 years of indoor use
ApplicationAluminum alloy folding door
Packaging detailscustomized according to your requirements.
Delivery time15-20 days
Aluminum Folding Door Profile

The production capacity of Xingda factory has reached 500,000 tons/year, and the production scale is constantly expanding. Folding door aluminum profile products are trusted by many large-scale projects and projects by Vietnamese and foreign companies. In addition, we can also produce folding door aluminum profile products according to your requirements.

Aluminum Folding Door and Window Profiles

Pre-treatment methods such as sandblasting, mechanical polishing, and wire drawing are carried out before anodizing and powder coating to provide more fashionable options such as bright or matte surfaces for folding door extruded aluminum profiles.

Questions and answers about folding door aluminum profiles

Yes. certainly. Just contact us and we will arrange folding door aluminum profile samples for you as soon as possible.

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There are many ways: follow Xingda’s website, we can also send our product manual to you. Xingda will also participate in the Canton Fair or other foreign exhibitions. So you can also visit our booth.

New molds are made in 7-10 days, mass production takes about 20-25 days, and processing can be expedited if necessaryAll our molds are listed in the catalog. It would be helpful for both of us if you could tell us which country design or what type of profile you are looking for
We can provide catalog as per your requirement which will be of great help to you.

Consultation→Specification confirmation→Inquiry→PI.Confirmation→Deposit-We manufacture→delivery when balance is dueChampagne, dark bronze or according to your color swatch.

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a. Ocean transportation, including FCL, LCL and bulk cargo;
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You can send emails (product drawings, contact information, product requirements) directly on the website, or you can send emails for inquiries. Some emails may be intercepted by the server. Once we do not reply within 2 working days, please remind us by phone or whatsapp.

1.What are the advantages of aluminum alloy folding doors?

Aluminum folding doors have many advantages in the door and window industry, which make them a popular choice. The following are some common advantages of aluminum alloy folding doors:

 • Lightweight and high strength: Aluminum alloy is a lightweight but high-strength material, giving folding doors a stable structure while being easy to install and use.

 • Corrosion resistance: Aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and is not easily affected by oxidation and corrosion. This allows aluminum folding doors to look and perform well in a variety of climate conditions.

 • Easy to process and customize: Aluminum alloy is easy to process and customize, and can be cut, welded and formed into profiles of different shapes according to different design needs to adapt to various door and window designs.

 • Surface treatment: Aluminum alloy can undergo a variety of surface treatments, such as anodizing, electrophoretic coating, powder coating, etc., to improve its surface hardness, wear resistance and aesthetics.

 • Thermal performance: Aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity, which helps folding doors provide effective thermal and sound insulation performance in hot and cold seasons.

 • Large-size design: Due to the strength and stability of aluminum alloy, folding doors can be designed into large-size structures, providing larger opening space and suitable for spacious places.

 • Low maintenance costs: Aluminum alloy folding doors are not susceptible to corrosion and deformation, so their maintenance costs are relatively low. Regular cleaning and lubrication is usually enough to keep it running properly.

 • Modern appearance: Aluminum folding doors usually have a modern, simple appearance and are suitable for buildings of different styles and designs.

Aluminum Folding Door Manufacturers China

2.What are the ways to open aluminum alloy folding doors?

The opening method of aluminum alloy folding doors can vary according to different designs and needs. The following are some common ways to open aluminum alloy folding doors:

1.Single-fold door: The single-fold door is the simplest type of aluminum alloy folding door, consisting of two door leaves, one of which is fixed and the other can be folded onto the fixed door leaf.

2.Bi-fold doors: Bi-fold doors consist of three or more leaves, two of which can be folded in two directions to create openings on both sides. This design is often used on larger doors to provide more space for passage.

3.Multi-leaf folding doors: In addition to bi-fold doors, there are also designs that include more door leaves that can be folded into multiple sections to create a larger opening space.

4.Sliding Folding Doors: This type of door usually has sliding tracks along which the door leaves can slide and fold to one side, creating greater indoor and outdoor circulation space.

5.Folding sliding door: Aluminum alloy folding sliding door combines the elements of folding and sliding. You can choose to fold the door leaf or slide it to one side. This design provides more flexibility.

6.Electric folding doors: Some high-end aluminum alloy folding doors may be equipped with an electric opening system. Users can conveniently control the opening and closing of the door through a remote control or other automation equipment.

7.Inward and outward folding: Aluminum folding doors can be designed to fold inward or outward, depending on the layout of the space and the needs of the user.

8.Adjustable folding doors: Some aluminum alloy folding doors are designed to be adjustable, and users can choose the number of folding door leaves as needed to adapt to different opening widths.

The choice of the above opening methods depends on the specific usage scenario, space constraints, design preferences and personal needs.

Different types aluminum folding door profiles suppliers

3.Which style of aluminum alloy folding door will be more popular?

Popular aluminum folding door styles often depend on factors such as design trends, usage occasions, personal preferences and functional requirements. Here are some aluminum folding door styles that may be popular:

1.Modern minimalist style: Modern minimalist design is very popular among aluminum alloy folding doors, characterized by clear lines, simple structure and modern materials. This style is suitable for a variety of spaces, including residential, commercial, and office settings.

2.Glass elements: Aluminum folding doors with large glass elements are popular in modern design because they provide more natural light while creating a sense of openness. The use of laminated glass and other high-performance glass can improve thermal and sound insulation.

3.Automation design: Aluminum alloy folding doors equipped with electric opening systems can be controlled by remote control or smartphone, improving convenience and technological sense, so they are more popular in some high-end and luxury environments.

4.Large-sized doors: Large-sized aluminum folding doors are designed for places where maximum access to indoor and outdoor spaces is required, such as outdoor terraces, courtyards, or living spaces that connect indoors and outdoors.

5.Customizable design: Aluminum alloy folding doors that provide customized options allow users to choose according to their own needs and personal preferences, so they are also quite popular in the market.

6.Two-color design: Aluminum alloy folding doors with two-color or contrasting color designs can add some visual appeal to the appearance of the door and make it more personalized.

7.Natural elements: Incorporating natural elements into some designs, such as wood grain decoration or imitation stone texture, can bring a warmer and more comfortable feeling to aluminum alloy folding doors, in line with the design trend of the natural environment.

8.Anti-theft design: High-security aluminum alloy folding door design, such as anti-theft locks, reinforced structures, etc., is suitable for commercial and residential environments that require higher security.

When choosing an aluminum alloy folding door style, it is recommended to choose based on the specific scene and personal preference. It is important when purchasing a door to ensure that it meets safety standards, is durable, and is easy to maintain and clean. 

Aluminium Profiles for Folding Door

4.What are the accessories for aluminum alloy folding doors?

Accessories for aluminum alloy folding doors can increase the functionality, safety and beauty of the door. The following are some common aluminum alloy folding door accessories:

 • Hinge system: Aluminum folding doors usually use high-quality hinge systems to ensure smooth movement of the door leaves when opening and closing. These hinges typically offer high strength and durability.

 • Slide rail system: The slide rail system enables aluminum alloy folding doors to slide and fold smoothly. A high-quality slide system helps reduce friction and ensures door stability.

 • Door buckles and locks: Door buckles and locks that provide security are important accessories to ensure that aluminum alloy folding doors can be locked securely when closed, increasing security.

 • Pulls and handles: Pulls and handles make it easier for users to open or close aluminum alloy folding doors. They are also decorative accessories for doors and can be chosen to match the overall style.

 • Seal: Seal is installed on the edge of the door to prevent external elements such as water, wind, dust, etc. from entering the room. They help improve the sound and thermal insulation properties of the door.

 • Automation system: Some high-end aluminum alloy folding doors can be equipped with automation systems, including electric opening, remote controls, sensors, etc., to provide a more convenient use experience.

 • Sill: The sill is installed at the bottom of the door to prevent water and wind intrusion. It also improves the door’s sealing properties.

 • Glass: If the aluminum alloy folding door contains glass panels, related accessories may include laminated glass, insulating glass, etc. to increase sound insulation and thermal insulation effects.

 • Anti-pinch device: For added safety, some folding doors are equipped with anti-pinch devices to prevent fingers or other objects from being pinched during opening and closing.

 • Shielding plates: Installing shielding plates on the tracks of aluminum alloy folding doors can help prevent dust and debris from entering the slide rails and keep the slide rails clean.

 • Emergency switch: Advanced aluminum folding door systems may include an emergency switch to quickly open or close the door in an emergency.

When selecting accessories, make sure they match the design and functionality of the door to ensure the performance and safety of the entire system. It’s best to choose accessories that comply with local building codes and safety standards.

Wood Grain Folding Door Aluminum Profile

5.The process of installing aluminum alloy folding doors?

Installing aluminum alloy folding doors requires experienced professionals. The following are the basic steps of the general aluminum alloy folding door installation process:

1.Preparation work: Before proceeding with the actual installation, ensure that preparation work has been carried out, including confirming the size and model of the door, checking the integrity of all accessories and components, cleaning the installation site, etc.

2.Measure and Mark: Use a measuring tool to accurately measure the dimensions of your door opening. Based on your measurements, mark the mounting locations on the walls, floor, and ceiling.

3.Install the door frame: First install the door frame, making sure it is vertical and level. Use a level and measuring tools to ensure the exact location of the door frame.

4.Install the track system: Install the track system of the aluminum alloy folding door, ensuring that the tracks are parallel, level and firmly fixed. The track system is the key to the smooth movement of aluminum folding doors.

5.Install pulleys and hinges: Install the pulley and hinge systems on the door leaves to ensure they move freely without binding or friction.

6.Install the door leaves: Install the door leaves onto the rails one after another, ensuring that each door leaf can be folded and unfolded smoothly. Adjust hinges to maintain door leaf balance and stability.

7.Install the connecting parts between the door leaves: If the door consists of multiple leaves, install the connecting parts between the door leaves to ensure that they can move in a coordinated manner when folded.

8.Install accessories and hardware: Install accessories and hardware on the door, such as handles, locks, seals, etc. Make sure these accessories meet the manufacturer’s guidance and safety standards.

9.Testing and Adjustment: After installation is complete, test the door. Make sure the aluminum alloy folding door can open and close smoothly without jamming or abnormal sounds. If necessary, make adjustments to ensure proper operation of the door.

10.Cleaning and Maintenance: Clean the installation site and remove all debris and construction debris. Provide maintenance recommendations and explain to users how to keep aluminum alloy folding doors in good condition.

11.User training: If necessary, provide users with training on the use and maintenance of aluminum alloy folding doors. Explain door special features, safety and maintenance points.

Throughout the installation process, make sure to strictly follow the installation guidelines and specifications provided by the manufacturer.

Powder Coated Aluminium Profile Folding Door

6.What are the precautions for installing aluminum alloy folding doors?

When installing aluminum alloy folding doors, there are some key things to pay attention to to ensure the quality and performance of the door installation. The following are some precautions for installing aluminum alloy folding doors:

 • Professional Installation: Installation of aluminum folding doors is best done by professional installers who have the experience and skills to ensure proper installation to prevent problems caused by improper installation.

 • Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines: Carefully read and follow the installation guidelines and instructions provided by the manufacturer. These files usually contain detailed steps and necessary tools for proper installation.

 • Check Dimensions: Before installation, make sure the dimensions of the door match the dimensions of the door opening. Accurate measurements will help avoid size mismatch issues during installation.

 • Level the ground: Make sure the door is installed on a flat, level surface. Uneven floors can cause door frames to become deformed or unstable.

 • Correct door frame fixing: Aluminum folding doors need to be correctly fixed on the door frame. Make sure the door frame is plumb and securely mounted to the wall using appropriate screws or expansion bolts.

 • Balance adjustment: Ensure that the door can open and close smoothly after installation without excessive friction. If necessary, make balance adjustments to ensure proper door movement.

 • Track and Pulley Inspection: Check the door’s track and pulley system to make sure they are free of debris or dirt to ensure smooth door movement.

 • Door Cleaning and Maintenance: After installation, regularly clean the door surface and related components to ensure they remain in good condition. For moving parts such as slide rails and hinges, use lubricants to prevent friction and wear.

 • Waterproofing: If the door will be used outdoors, especially where waterproofing is required, be sure to take waterproofing measures during installation to prevent rainwater penetration.

 • Test safety equipment: If your aluminum folding door is equipped with safety equipment, such as an anti-trap device or emergency switch, be sure to test it after installation to ensure it is functioning properly.

 • Retain Documentation: Retain installation files and warranty documents for future reference. These documents will provide information if repairs or maintenance are required.

By following these precautions, you can help ensure the quality and performance of your aluminum folding door installation, increase its service life and reduce maintenance issues.

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7.What are the purchasing tips for aluminum alloy folding doors?

When purchasing aluminum alloy folding doors, here are some tips to consider to ensure you choose the right product to meet your needs:

1.Material and quality: Make sure the aluminum alloy material of the folding door is of good quality, using high-quality alloy and properly treated to ensure corrosion resistance, high strength and durability.

2.Surface treatment: Pay attention to the surface treatment of aluminum alloy folding doors, such as anodizing, electrophoretic coating, powder coating, etc. These treatments can improve the hardness and wear resistance of the aluminum alloy surface, and increase the aesthetics of the appearance.

3.Structural design: Consider the structural design of aluminum alloy folding doors to ensure their stability and sturdiness. Structural design should be adapted to the door’s size and usage scenarios to avoid unnecessary weaknesses.

4.Glass options: If the aluminum folding door contains glass panels, choose the appropriate glass type, such as insulated glass, laminated glass, etc., to improve sound insulation, thermal insulation performance, and meet safety standards.

5.Opening and closing method: Consider the opening and closing method of aluminum alloy folding doors. Some doors support two-way opening and closing, one-way opening and closing, or partial opening and closing, etc. Choose the opening and closing method that suits your space and usage needs.

6.Protective facilities: Pay attention to whether the aluminum alloy folding door has some protective facilities, such as anti-pinch device, anti-theft function, etc., to increase safety.

7.Installation convenience: Understand the installation method and convenience of aluminum alloy folding doors. Some aluminum alloy folding doors adopt simplified installation designs, making the installation process more convenient.

8.Warranty and after-sales service: Check the warranty policy and after-sales service of aluminum alloy folding doors to ensure a reliable warranty commitment and timely after-sales service.

9.Price comparison: Compare the prices of aluminum alloy folding doors of different brands and models, paying attention to the balance of quality and performance. Choose a product that fits your budget and delivers good performance.

10.User reviews and word-of-mouth: Check the reviews and word-of-mouth of other users to understand the experience of aluminum alloy folding doors in actual use so that you can make a more informed choice.

11.Comply with local standards: Ensure that the aluminum alloy folding door you purchase complies with local building and safety standards to ensure compliance with installation and use.

Taking the above factors into consideration can help you choose an aluminum alloy folding door that meets your needs and is of reliable quality.

Aluminum Profile Folding Windows And Doors

8.Are aluminum alloy folding doors easy to break?

Aluminum alloy folding doors are generally relatively durable, but their durability is also affected by many factors. The following are some factors that may cause damage or reduce the life of aluminum alloy folding doors:

 • Frequency of use: If the aluminum alloy folding door is opened and closed frequently, especially in commercial places with high frequency of use, the wear and aging of the door may be accelerated.

 • Installation quality: Improper installation may cause the aluminum alloy folding door to be unbalanced, causing excessive pressure when the door is opened and closed, thereby damaging the door’s hinges and slide rail system.

 • Material quality: The use of inferior aluminum alloy materials or aluminum alloys that are not well treated may cause corrosion, deformation, or surface damage, thereby reducing the durability of the door.

 • Environmental conditions: Harsh environmental conditions, such as salt spray at the seaside or highly corrosive industrial areas, may have an adverse effect on aluminum alloys.

 • Maintenance: Lack of regular maintenance can lead to dust accumulation, rust, or failure of door tracks, hinges, and other components.

 • Design structure: Some design defects or unreasonable structures may affect the stability and durability of aluminum alloy folding doors.

 • Temperature changes: Aluminum alloy has a high thermal expansion coefficient, and extreme temperature changes may cause the aluminum alloy folding door to expand or contract, thus affecting its movement performance.

Although aluminum alloy folding doors have many advantages, in order to ensure their long-term normal use, it is recommended to choose products with reliable quality, carry out correct installation, and regular maintenance and upkeep. When purchasing folding doors, it is best to choose an experienced and reputable manufacturer to ensure product quality and performance.

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